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Increase Your Azure Knowledge

Azure is constantly changing, releasing updates and adding features nearly every day to meet customer needs. Keeping up with Azure developments has become a full-time job. To make this process easier on busy IT pros, Directions Training offers a monthly "drop-in" session dedicated exclusively to unpacking and demonstrating Azure updates.

Azure Discussion & Demo Training

Join us once a month to review newly released Azure updates and explore recent changes. This discussion learning group is led by Directions’ Microsoft Azure Certified training experts and is designed to offer cloud- computing professionals a reliable source of information that helps them navigate the constantly changing landscape of Azure.

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you have worked with Azure and completed the Microsoft Official Course 20533: Implementing Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions, or received equivalent training.

Sessions will be scheduled monthly and delivered in Directions’ live, hands-on virtual classroom environment, known as Direct2You.

*For just $99 per month with an annual subscription, you can receive the help you need navigating newly released Azure updates and changes.

$99 Per Month* | Live Azure Training | Instructor-Led